New version of The OX now in stock!

The OX is back and with a facelift!  Now with a laser cut bottom plate for a more precise fit and a custom molded low-profile plug to ensure you can access every jack on the back of your Eventide (even stereo). 

For Timefactor/Modfactor/Pitchfactor/Space


Unleash Your Eventide

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You own the most sophisticated guitar pedal in the world - an Eventide. It has loads of flexibility and functionality, but only three buttons.  Maybe you're already using a three button auxiliary switch to let you access Bank Mode and Play Mode at the same time. But isn't that switch clunky, a space hog, and a real pain to lug around?

Meet the Ox Switch System - a handcrafted Eventide auxiliary switch with a form-fitting, ergonomic design that gives you more control, takes up less space, and allows you to place your tap tempo pedal anywhere.

More Control

The OX Switch System allows you to unleash the full functionality of your Eventide Pedals. With the Ox you can access Bank Mode and Play Mode at the same time and sync your tap tempo across all your Eventide pedals (utilizing MIDI functionality).  



Less Space

The OX's footprint is kept to a bare minimum - saving you a ton of board space vs. other auxiliary switches.  Think about what you can do with all that freed-up real estate!


The OX is designed to fit your Eventide perfectly.  It easily attaches via the existing Eventide screw holes and takes only minutes to install.  Having the OX attached to your Eventide means it's easy to transport - no packing up an additional pedal after every show.

Ergonomic Design


The OX has an ergonomic, recessed two-button design.  We purposely built it with only two buttons for two reasons: it makes it super easy to access your Eventide buttons and allows you to put your tap tempo anywhere!

Tap Anywhere

We kept the tap tempo button separate so you can put it anywhere!  
It's one of your most used button - why would you want to bury it next to all the others? 

Handcrafted by Guitarists


We're guitarists and gear fanatics. We created The OX because we needed a better Eventide auxiliary switch.  When we decided to sell it, our top priority was creating a pedal that met the high standards of all you discerning guitarists.  We build, test, and box every OX by hand in Klecknersville, PA. It's truly a labor of love.

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