Barn3 was launched in 2013 by three guitarists who are passionate about making useful and creative tools for musicians.  We want to help you get the most out of your equipment so you can worry about the important stuff…making great music. 



Our very own Tesla, a mad scientist always inventing in his lab. Ryan is a serial tinkerer and Music Director by day. 

Ryan's Rig: "Not including the Ox system, I have 4 pedals on my board that I built to accommodate my switching and routing needs.  I like having options.  My Jetter Jet Drive is almost always on to give a little grit.  The Space and Timefactor are my most used Eventides."  



Garrett focuses on the creative side of the business; creating and implementing the design, branding, marketing, artwork and web presence of Barn3.

Garrett's Rig: "I like keeping my board simple and to the point. Most of the time I'm going for grungier, spacey, hard rock sounds. I like using my Wah and Pitchfactor to create strange loops and soundscapes." 



Tom handles the business side of things.  He's the one with the spreadsheets, Gantt charts, and tax forms.

Tom's Rig:  "I love to write twinkly guitar riffs and I’m obsessed with having options. My delay is always on (in some form) and I have four levels of overdrive/distortion (so I can always tweak my twinkle intensity)."